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Hot Tub Helper Spa
Do you need a 
HOT TUB Cover?
Not all Hot Tubs are alike, not all budgets are alike.  Hot Tub Helper will assist you in finding the best solution, for your Hot Tub repair needs and desires. 

We will service your Hot Tub with the level of product quality you chose. Bargain, Mainstream, or Luxury? 

If you want to utilize used parts, we will find them for you.  If you would like to tackle one Hot Tub issue at a time, we will work with you. Finally, if you need a complete overhaul, and do not want to invest in a new tub, we will rebuild your Hot Tub and your Hot Tub will run like a dream.  

We want to earn your business for life, not just for this visit.

Call  John Today at 561.281.2088
Hot Tub Repair
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Hot Tub Helper FOR THE
"Do-it-Yourselfers" **

We are here to help you in any way we can.

In the case you know what your issue is and you would like to have at it, we have provided you with 20 items that are most commonly replaced.   

**All Sales Are Final.  There are no returns, refunds, or exchanged, please make sure you know what you need!!  **

Thank you for your business and we hope this list is helpful to you; if you are in Palm Beach County and need service, please feel free to call and schedule an appointment.
Call John at 561.281.2088
Hot Tub Helper FOR THE "Do-it-Yourselfers" **

**ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges, please make sure you know what you need!!  **   ,

Balboa Transformer 110V 9 pin  ,

Balboa Transformer 220v 9 pin  ,

Balboa Spa Pack SUV (Super Value) Power System. This power system is convertible 120/240v with a 1.0 Hp 120v 2-speed pump and a 1.0 Hp 120v air blower. This system may be ordered with a 1.0/4.0kW heater, or 1.4/5.5kW heater.  Spa-side 58-138-1142 included.   ,

Vita Spa High Limit Sensor  ,

Vita Spa Low Flow Through Heater 4.0KW ,

Vita Spa L200 Board  ,

Vita Spa 5.5KW Flow Through Heater  ,

Leisure Bay Water Way Powerstorm 3"-4" Spa Jet Smooth Face Gray

***Only Sold in Sets of 3***   ,

Vita Spa Eclipse Chorona Discharge Ozonator with "mini" JJ Plug Convertable 110/220   ,

Circulation Pump Tiny Might  220v  1/2inch sxs 1inch union  ,

Ultra 9000 1HP 220V Spa Blower with "mini" JJ Plug   ,

Universal Pressure Switch  ,

Vita Spa L50 Universal Spa Side  ,

Vita Spa L200 Spa Side  ,

Vita Spa L500 Spa Board   ,

Vita Spa L500 Spa Side   ,

Vita Spa Water Temperature Sensor   ,

Vita Spa Retro Fit LED Light   ,

Vita Spa Retro Fit 50sq.ft. Spa Filter PVT50W  ,

Ultra 9000 1HP 110V Spa Blower with "mini" JJ Plug
Vita Spa L500 Spa Side
Vita Spa L500 Board
Vita Spa L200 Spa Side
Vita Spa L200 Board
Low Flow Through Vita Spa Heater 4.0kw
5.5kw Vita Spa Flow Through Heater
3 Grey Power Storm Jets Leisure Bay Waterway 3"- 4" Directional Smooth Faced Jet
Vita Spa Filter
Vita Spa LED Retro Fit Spa Light
Chorona Discharge Ozonator
Circulation Pump
Balboa Spa Pack
5hp 2sp Pump 56" fr 2"suc Waterway Executive
4hp 2sp Pump 56" fr 2"suc 230v Waterway Executive
3hp 2sp Pump 56" fr 2"suc 230v Waterway Executive
2hp 2sp Pump 2"suc  Waterway Executive
Vita Spa Blower 220v 1HP
Vita Spa Blower 110v 1HP
Balboa Transformer 220v
Balboa Transformer 110v
Pressure Switch
High Limit Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor
Vita Spa L50 Universal Spa Side